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QuickBooks Installation and Training                                QuickBooks Installation and Training

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a consultant who can provide 1-on-1 consultation services to help you install, setup, train and optimize QuickBooks for your business.

QuickBooks Basic Small Business Bookkeeping            QuickBooks ProAdvisor

No business is too small to benefit from our service.  Outsource your bookkeeping services to us and concentrate on making your business a success.  We perform our services in your office, home or our office for your convenience.  All information is handled with complete confidentially.  Some companies do not require a full-time bookkeeper so let us help you out with our pay-by-the-hour service.

Real Estate Brokerage Bookkeeping and Services

With Lone Wolf Back Office, formerly known as BrokerWOLF, you can outsource your bookkeeping, real estate transaction, commission and agent management services to us and concentrate on making your business a success.  We perform our services in your office, home or our office for your convenience.  All information is handled with complete confidentially.  Some companies do not require a full-time bookkeeper or office staff so let us help you out with our pay-by-the-hour service.

Web Site Design

We are committed to providing fast, professional, affordable web page design for everyone.  We are in constant search of new ideas and in response to your suggestions, will continually endeavour to provide innovative web site design.

Data Recovery

If your computer is not working but the disk drive still works, your data can be recovered and transferred to a new computer hard drive.  If we can't recover the data, then you do not have to pay.

Fillable PDF Forms

We create online business forms in which users can enter data, save the file, as well as print the completed forms.  We refer to these forms as being "fillable".

Remote Assistance

Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is to have someone show you how.  Remote Assistance is a convenient way for someone in another location to connect to your computer from another computer running a compatible operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11, and walk you through your solution.

After someone is connected, he or she will be able to view your computer screen and chat online with you in real time about what you both see.  With your permission, someone can even use his or her mouse and keyboard to work with you on your computer.

Microsoft Fax Services

Microsoft fax provides you with complete fax facilities from your computer.  You can configure fax settings, send and receive faxes, track and monitor fax activity, and access archived faxes.  You can send faxes using any Windows application or compliant e-mail program, or using a simple wizard.  You can attach predefined cover pages to your faxes, or use the Cover Page Editor to create your own cover pages.

You can view and manage incoming faxes.  You can also enable your computer to receive incoming fax calls automatically, or choose to answer calls manually.  You can specify actions Fax takes when an incoming fax is received.  Icons and sounds keep you informed of fax events.  Fax Monitor enables you to monitor progress of incoming and outgoing faxes.

You have easy access to archives of sent and received faxes, and you can view, print, forward, mail, and save these archived faxes.

Note:  To use Microsoft Fax, you must have a windows-based computer equipped with a modem.

Business Technology Consulting

Great companies and home businesses have all faced great challenges and the right business technology consulting firm will make a difference between failure and success.  Our years of business experience can help you find the right solution that is within your budget.

With today’s technology landscape evolving so quickly, many organizations can use assistance determining how technology can best help them reach their business goals.  Technology solutions can support your core business functions, manage customer interactions, decrease costs and grow revenues.

Try as you might, it's awfully hard to do absolutely everything yourself when you own or operate a business.  Sometimes you need outside management consulting to help your business realize its full potential.

Project Management Professional

In today's complex business environment, a key to success is the ability to manage projects efficiently, effectively, and with minimal surprises.  We successfully take projects from initiation to completion using strong skills and experience in proven methodologies that deliver solutions to meet the business and technology needs of our clients.  Our success in delivering robust solutions relies on our skills in working with clients as business partners and in managing complex engagements.

  • Requirements Definition & Analysis
  • Budget Planning & Forecasting
  • Schedule Development & Resource Allocation
  • Risk Management
  • Project Specifications & Documentation
  • Project Implementation Plans
  • Solution Management & Ongoing Maintenance

Home & Business Computer Networking

Let us help choose the right kind of network, shopping for the hardware and getting your network up and running.

Perform all windows updates *

Keep your computer up to date.  We check to see if you need updates for Windows, programs, hardware or your devices.

* Requires an active internet connection

Disk cleanup, optimization and defragmentation

As time goes by and you add and delete files from the hard drive, the available disk space becomes more and more fragmented.  Files may become scattered across the disk.  This makes the reading and writing of files take longer, potentially shortening the life of the hard drive motor.

Optimize your registry files

The system registry is a complex and sophisticated part of the Windows operating system and your computer accesses it constantly, updating, adding and changing data.  After a while, the registry becomes fragmented, with empty gaps and randomly placed registry entries.  Standard disk defragmenting programs do not defragment the registry files.  Registry Defragmenting reorganizes the system registry to remove the gaps and reorganize to remove the gaps and reorganize the entries.

Scan my computer for viruses and spyware *

Viruses are the bane of the computer world.  People with few scruples and far too much free time write programs that are designed to hurt you.  Viruses can destroy or corrupt files, wipe off hard drives, slow your computer down, and do other really obnoxious and destructive things.

Spyware is the newest threat to your computer.  Many of these programs get into your computer without you even knowing.  These threats have been placed into a group of potential internet threats known as "Grey Area" threats: Spyware, Adware, Dialers, Joke Programs, Hacker Tools, Remote Access Tools, Password Cracking Applications, and others.

* Requires an active internet connection

Disk and memory scan

Disk and memory scans are a great maintenance tool for your computer memory and hard drive.  It can perform tests, auto fixes and surface scans.

PC diagnostics and gather information about your system

PC diagnostics tells you how (and whether) your computer's hardware is working.  If you run the diagnostics regularly, you will begin to see when your computer performs well versus when it does not, and you can also track changes in performance over time.  If PC Diagnostics locates a hardware problem, it offers one or more possible causes.

CD ROM Cleaning

CD ROM discs use a tiny brush on the underside of the disc, which sweeps dust and dirt from your CD-ROM lens.

Software, Hardware and high speed internet service installation

Let a professional perform your installations giving you peace of mind and lay to rest the risks associated with improper installation procedures.

File transfer to a new computer and backups

Upgrading to a new computer system?  File transfer and computer backups are part of our service.

Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is designed for resetting local administrator and user passwords on Windows operating systems in case an Administrator's password is forgotten or lost.  You do not need to re-install and re-configure the operating system.

Basic computer training courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Project applications

Save time and money by learning the basics of Microsoft Office products by arranging a Microsoft training course.  One-on-one or group training can be provided.  Click here for the basic computer training course outline in Adobe Acrobat format.  Click on the Helpful Tips page to download Adobe Acrobat for free.

System error messages

Write it down, print the error message and make a list of the issues that are concerning you.  We will be happy to help out.

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